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Technical data sheet
Iron MGPS/ICAF anodes

Corrosion mitigation anode for non-ferrous seawater systems.

MGPS/ICAF anode with iron alloy S355J2 according to EN 10025-2. The anodes are mainly used in pair with copper anodes with the purpose of corrosion mitigation.

Iron MGPS/ICAF anode with flange cofferdam
Iron anode with flange cofferdam


For new buildings, the anodes come complete with cofferdam for either flange or welding installation, and a 6 mm2 flexible cable for connection in a nearby junction box. Replacement anodes are delivered with nuts and washers only.

Typically, anodes are installed in sea chests, crossovers, strainers, mud boxes, etc.


Customised anodes can be produced to fit almost any requirements, from diameter Ø60-Ø180 mm.

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Iron MGPS/ICAF anodes with and without cofferdams