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Technical data sheet
Aluminium anodes

Anodes with high current output capacity.

Aluminium sacrificial anodes with high efficiency. Lightweight anodes, ideal for seawater conditions. Available in numerous shapes and sizes, with various mounting options, suitable for all submerged structures.


Anodes can be produced to fit almost any requirements.

Type Approval

The aluminium anodes comply with the DNVGL class programme DNVGL-CP-0107 – type approval – sacrificial anode materials, Det Norske Veritas’ Recommended Practices, DNV-RP-B401 Cathodic Protection Design.

The aluminium anodes can be produced according to NORSOK M-503 and/or DNVGL-RP-B401.

Other standards can be met upon request.

Current capacity

The mean current capacity of the sacrificial anode material after 12 months free running testing is 2 651 Ah/kg. The mean closed circuit potential is -1 100 mV versus Ag/AgCl seawater.