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Sacrificial anodes for subsea equipment

Although many considerations offshore deal with extreme environmental conditions, sacrificial anodes in conjunction with protective coating is still applicable to protect immersed parts of steel surfaces from corrosion.

Sacrificial anode designs

Anodes can be customised to any design or composition to suit most applications and requirements. Se full product range of sacrificial anodes.

Various sacrificial anode designs for offshore application

Anywhere steel is immersed in water, anodes will be found.

Corrosion protection engineering

Cathodic protection is individually designed for each subsea structure. The design considerations will usually include environmental parameters, detrimental effects, fastening devices, coating breakdown factor (coating category) and anode life time requirements.

Subsea manifold on sea bottom
The design team provides cathodic protection engineering to ensure full corrosion control throughout the entire life of the subsea structure.

The design life time of anodes is specified by the operator, and covers the period from installation to the end of operation time of the structure to be protected.

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Coatings in conjuction with cathodic protection

Subsea equipment typically utilises protective coatings as the primary measure for protection against external corrosion. Due to a variety of reasons, which could include inadequate surface preparation or application, damage and coating degradation over the service life, anodes must be applied as a backup system to prevent corrosion on surfaces not protected by coatings.