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ICCP for sea cables

CathFlow® ICCP provides corrosion protection of sea cable steel armouring.

CathFlow® ICCP material package

CathFlow® ICCP system has the ability to cathodically protect any sea crossing power transmission cable, regardless of size and coating condition.

The CathFlow® ICCP package consist of control panel in cabinet, ICCP anodes and reference cells.

CathFlow ICCP item package

The CathFlow® control panel can be connected to any kind of ICCP anodes and reference cells, and includes features for automatic logging, remote monitoring and expandable output effect (future sea cables can be connected).

CathFlow® –  designed to fit future demands for sea cable systems

Arrangement of ICCP for sea cables

The anode sledge is installed on sea bottom 50-150 m aside the sea cable in order to ensure sufficient current distribution. The reference electrode is either installed directly on the sea cable or on a foundation installed close to the sea cable.

Cathodic protection arrangement for sea cables
Cathodic protection arrangement for sea cables

ICCP explained

Impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems have the benefit of an external power source to impose protective current. This makes it possible to protect any buried structure, regardless of size and current requirement, by using long life anodes and appropriately sized power supplies.

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Design of corrosion protection for sea cables.

The most important feature of an ICCP system is the ability to continuously monitor the level of protection and adapt to the current required to stop corrosion. Learn more about the principles of cathodic protection.


For sea cable lengths shorter than 3 000 m, one system at one of the landfall areas is normally sufficient to obtain adequate protection for the entire sea cable. Longer sea cables would normally require ICCP system to be installed for both landfall areas. You may read more about when to use one or two ICCP systems for sea cables.

Remote control software

MasterCath® remote control software works by pairing a remote computer with CathFlow® ICCP control panels installed at the sea cable landfall.

The software provides an intuitive dashboard with realtime operational values, alarm detection and several other useful features.

Remote computer screen dashboard of CathFlow® ICCP system for sea cables
Remote computer screen dashboard of CathFlow® ICCP system for sea cables


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