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Sacrificial anodes for pipeline

Sacrificial anodes for buried pipelines are mostly used as temporary protection during the installation period. 

Magnesium anodes in backfill
Magnesium anodes in backfill

Magnesium sacrificial anodes have high driving potential, and can be applied for protection of buried pipelines. They are generally used where the current requirement and soil resistivity are relatively low. As the magnesium anodes have a greater tendency than other anode material to self-corrode, the service lifetime is limited. Sacrificial anodes may typically be used for existing pipelines with pipe sockets without metallic contact due to intermediate rubber gaskets. In these cases one anode is connected to each pipe section.

Most frequently, the magnesium sacrificial anodes are used as temporary protection of underground pipeline during the construction and installation phase, prior to energising a permanent ICCP system.

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Monitoring equipment

Cu/CuSO4 reference electrode and steel monitoring coupon
Cu/CuSO4 reference electrode and steel monitoring coupon

In order to measure the cathodic protection level, monitoring equipment should be installed aside the pipeline. Due to very dense coating systems used, the measurement equipment should include both a suitable reference electrode and a steel monitoring coupon for accurate cathodic protection potential measurements.