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CathSense® ICCP for harbours

CathSense® ICCP system with high output capacity, perfectly adapted to corrosion protection of harbours.

CathSense® ICCP material package

CathSense® ICCP system has the ability to cathodically protect virtually any kind of underwater harbour structures, regardless of size and coating condition.

The CathSense® ICCP package consists of control panel in cabinet, ICCP anodes and reference cells.

The CathSense® control panel can be connected to any kind of ICCP anodes and reference electrodes, and includes the following features:

  • High efficiency
  • Flexible system with expandable output effect
  • User-friendly operation
  • Automatic logging
  • Prepared for remote control and monitoring

Different ICCP anodes may be used for harbour protection. Most commonly used are MMO/Ti rod and FeSi rod anodes. See the full range of ICCP products.

CathSense® –  designed to fit future demands for harbour systems

MasterCath® – remote access software

MasterCath® works by pairing a remote computer with CathSense® ICCP control panels installed for harbours.

The software provides an intuitive dashboard with real time operational values, alarm detection and several other useful features.

Remote computer screen dashboard of CathSense® ICCP system for harbours
Remote computer screen dashboard of CathSense® ICCP system for harbours

ICCP explained

Impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems have the benefit of an external power source to impose protective current. This makes it possible to protect any submerged structure, regardless of size and current requirement, by using long life anodes and appropriately sized power supplies. You may also want to read about design of corrosion protection for harbours.

The most important feature of an ICCP system is the ability to continuously monitor the level of protection and adapt to the current required to stop corrosion. Learn more about the principles of cathodic protection.


Harbour cathodic protection installation
Harbour cathodic protection installation
Anodes on sea bottom

Anodes installed at the sea bottom with some distance from the steel will ensure good and even current distribution to the entire steel surface with relatively few anodes. By this, the risk for interference with ships alongside will increase, and hence, this system is applicable where there a few and short ships call.

Anodes on sheet pile

Anodes can be designed for installation on the sheet piles where required. Such design will require higher number of anodes in order to obtain sufficient current distribution. In order to improve the cathodic protection current distribution, the anodes are installed in anode holder, preventing the current to flow directly into the steel at the anode location. This designed is applicable where ships stay alongside for longer periods.

Reference cell

The reference cell is designed for installation directly on the sheet piles. Reference cells should be located with some distance from the anodes in order to gain correct measurements.