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MasterCath® remote access software

MasterCath® is a versatile remote access software designed for operation of ICCP and MGS/ICAF antiouling systems.

User-friendly software

Direct overview of status and key data. Easy to export for evaluation.

MasterCath® explained

The system operates in real time, providing full overview, control and direct response to any parameter relevant for ICCP and MGPS/ICAF systems. The most important feature of MasterCath® is the ability to detect undesirable changes at a glance, not having to spend much time checking status. You may also learn more about cathodic protection and electrolytic antifouling.


MasterCath® is presented in a customised dashboard view; both locally and externally, via the Internet. Key data is presented at top level. Visual heads-up system status is a focal point, and the easy and recognisable traffic light prinicple is a key feature for the intuitive operator interface. Real time values are shown by graphs and numeric values. At lower levels (via menu), MasterCath® provides information such as:

  • Configurable settings
  • Log data
  • Alarms
  • Trend curves
  • System information
  • Pre-docking report (for export)

MasterCath® can also be retrofitted to existing installations, already in operation.

System optimisation

Computerised control and monitoring provide optimised MGPS and ICAF antifouling system performance, and improve the anode life span. For seawater cooling systems with varying actuation of the seawater pumps, the computer enables antifoulant dosing automatically adapted with the water flow. The benefits are for instance reduced copper consumption, performance predictability and flexibility with regard to time of docking. You may also read about savings on water treatment.

The ICCP monitoring system provides complementary information of the underwater hull in terms of coating condition and breakdown.


MasterCath® is designed for remote monitoring and control of ICCP underwater hull protection and MGPS/ICAF antifouling, as well as shaft grounding systems. The system can also be retrofitted to existing installations, already in operation.

See also Cathwell & Kongsberg Maritime cooperation, where Kongsberg Maritime’s Acon version of MasterCath® is developed.

MGPS/ICAF antifouling system for box coolers and sea water intake on vessels.


Shaft grounding and ICCP for ship.


ICCP for pipelines and storage tanks.
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