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MasterCath® remote access system

MasterCath® is a versatile remote access system designed for operation of ICCP corrosion protection and MGPS/ICAF antifouling systems.


Customised dashboard view with visual heads-up of system status.

MasterCath® explained

MasterCath® is designed for remote monitoring and control of ICCP corrosion protection, MGPS/ICAF antifouling and shaft grounding.

The system operates in real time, providing full overview, control and direct response to any parameter relevant for the system in question. Among convenient features of the MasterCath® system is the ability to detect undesirable changes at a glance, not having to physically attend the control panels.

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MasterCath® is presented in a customised dashboard view with key data at top level. Visual heads-up system status is a focal point, and the easy and recognisable traffic light principle constitutes an intuitive interface for the operator. Real time values are shown by graphs and numeric values. Further available features:

  • Configurable settings
  • Data logging
  • Alarms
  • Trend curves
  • System information
  • Pre-survey report (by data export)
  • Coating condition/breakdown indications

MasterCath® can be re-fitted to existing installations, already in operation.

For seawater cooling systems, MasterCath® enables antifoulant dosing automatically adapted to varying seawater flow. Read more about dynamic dosing to reduce copper consumption.

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