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Why regular Cathwell service is essential for ICCP & MGPS maintenance

The relentless threat of corrosion and biofouling can significantly impact the lifespan and operational efficiency of marine assets.

Why regular service?

Regular Cathwell service ensures optimal ICCP & MGPS performance, extending marine asset life and maximising your investment.

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) and Marine Growth Prevention Systems (MGPS), also known as ICAF systems, are critical for safeguarding submerged structures like ship hulls and offshore installations from corrosion and biofouling. These systems extend the lifespan and operational efficiency of your marine assets. However, achieving optimal performance requires regular technical service and proactive maintenance.

Regular Cathwell service: A comprehensive approach

Cathwell service includes a thorough set of tasks performed during routine dry dockings. These tasks include:

  • ICCP & MGPS maintenance: Inspections, system operation evaluations, material replacements (anodes, reference cells, etc.), equipment testing, and system adjustments to optimise performance.
  • System inspection: Evaluating the overall health of your cathodic protection and anti-fouling systems.
  • Recommendations for future improvements: Proactive measures to ensure continued system effectiveness and efficiency.

In addition to routine dry dock service, periodic operational service may be recommended to maintain optimal system functionality.

Benefits of regular Cathwell service:

  • Regulatory compliance: Ensures your vessels and platforms meet safety and environmental standards.
  • Reduced downtime: Prevents unexpected equipment failures and costly repairs.
  • Enhanced cost-efficiency: Minimises maintenance costs and maximises the lifespan of your ICCP & MGPS systems.
  • Environmental sustainability: Contributes to environmentally responsible marine operations.

Conclusion: Invest in your marine assets

Cathwell service is more than just maintenance; it’s a strategic investment in the longevity and efficiency of your ICCP & MGPS systems. Proactive servicing optimises performance, guarantees regulatory compliance, and extends the lifespan of your critical equipment, ultimately contributing to the overall success of your marine operations.

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