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Ship with two rudders

Why grounding the rudder?

Lack of electrical/metallic connection between the rudder and the hull may result in detrimental stray current, causing spark corrosion.

Rudder bonding will equalise the potential difference between the rudder and the stern hull and hence reduce the risk of detrimental stray current.

For ships with impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) system installed, rudder bonding will always be a part of the ICCP system installation.

Rudder flaps shall always be equipped with separate sacrificial anode system. Learn more about sacrificial anodes for ships.

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Rudder bonding braided cabe from rudder stock to hull
Rudder bonding cable

The bonding kit for electrical connection between the rudder stock and hull consist of flexible copper braid with lug for attachment between the top of the rudder stock and the hull. Flexible copper braid is convenient for steering machines with big motions. Isolated grounding cables are also common.

Basic construction: Braided copper
Nominal size: 12 x 2.3 mm
Current rating: 90 A
Lugs prepared for ø10 mm bolts

Stabilizer fins, Azipod’s and Azipull’s

These are also an issue to bonding. Cathwell recommend a close cooperation with the manufacturer as long as such equipment sometimes consist of several consecutive parts.

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Flexible rudder grounding cable

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