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Cathodic protection design

Cathodic protection of the outer steel armouring can considerably extend the operational lifetime of the sea cable.

Whether you are planning a new sea cable crossing or shall maintain existing cables, we can assist adequate corrosion protection.

Impressed current cathodic protection

Cathodic protection by ICCP is generally the preferred system for corrosion control of sea cable armouring. High capacity, long lifetime and monitoring are helpful features in the CathFlow® ICCP system for sea cables. The system can be applied either at one landfall or at both ends of the sea cable.

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Principles of cathodic protection

For landtakes on rather inaccessible places, MasterCath® remote control systems could be an option. Remote control increases generally system control and reduces maintenance cost.

Sacrificial anodes

Cathodic protection with sacrificial anodes are preferably arranged with aluminium or zinc anodes. Sacrificial anodes have less capacity than ICCP systems, and are mainly used as temporary protection.

Design request details – what we need to assist you

Based on the below listed information, we can calculate and propose a suitable cathodic protection system. If not all details are available, we can start with what you got, and adjust as we go along.

  1. Sea cable route/crossing (location, fjord, landfall details).
  2. New or existing cable (in case of existing cable, approximate age to adviced).
  3. Cable details/specification (type and condition of coating).
  4. Sea cable length.
  5. Availability of power supply (230 V, 1-phase) at landfall area.
  6. Requirements (if any) for remote control and monitoring.

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