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Cathodic protection design

Corrosion on building foundation may be a serious problem. Therefore, a correctly designed cathodic protection system is important.

An optimum cathodic protection system design ensures sufficient current distribution and includes an adequate monitoring system.

ICCP system

The capacity of the ICCP system is designed, based on the area of underground steel foundations. Most commonly, high silicon iron anodes in canister are used for impressed current protection system for building foundations. The number and location of anodes depends on the number and size of foundations, and the soil condition.

Construction engineer in yellow jacket guiding a high silicon iron anode in position
Installation of high silicon iron anode in canister

Measurement equipment should be installed at selected locations for controlling the cathodic protection effect impressed by a regulated control panel.

Sacrificial anodes

Magnesium anodes, prepacked in backfill are used due to the high driving voltage. Required number of anodes depends on the size and number of the underground foundations.  As the self-corrosion rate of magnesium is rather high, the lifespan of the anodes are limited.

Design request details – what we need to assist you

By providing the below listed information (for the system in question), we would be able to carry out a proper design. If not all details are available, we could start with what you have, and adjust as we go along.

  1. Geographical location.
  2. Building details.
  3. Foundation pile details (dimension, extent, location).
  4. Surrounding soil conditions.
  5. Requested system lifetime.

The inquiry should state whether it concerns a new construction or foundations for an existing building.

Building foundation protection

Cathodic protection can ensure that steel structures maintain its strength.

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Inspection of ICCP for building foundations

Frequent site surveys important to maintain adequate protection

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What is corrosion?

Corrosion is a process of degradation of metals and non-metals

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