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Technical data sheet
Cross-linked isolated single core cable, 6 mm²

Flexible cable for ICAF/MGPS anodes.

The cable is Halogen free and resistant to extreme temperatures, ideal for installation in engine room areas.


  • Produced according to IEC 60092
  • High current capacity
  • High resistance to heat temperature pressure and hydrolysis
  • Flexible
Radox 125 wires flexible cable
Radox 125 wires flexible cable


  • Electron beam cross-linked
  • Halogen free, low smoke, low toxicity
  • Soldering iron resistant and easy to strip

Typical use

The cables are used for connection between MGPS/ICAF anodes and appurtenant connection box. Red cable used for copper anodes, blue cable for aluminium anodes and black cable for iron anodes.

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