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Technical data sheet
MasterCath® remote control and monitoring system

Control and monitoring system for ICCP and ICAF/MGPS systems. Wherever and whatever system installed, MasterCath® remote system brings operational information and system control to your local computer.

The MasterCath® is designed to increase the control of ICCP and ICAF/MGPS systems, and reduce the maintenance cost for system follow-up. Easy and recognisable traffic light principle is adapted for immediate visual heads-up of the system status.

A complete MasterCath® system consists of:
Signal converters for ICCP and/or ICAF/MGPS signal conversion.
Sensor-to-computer interface module to provide intelligent signal conditioning, analogue I/O and digital I/O functions.
Panel PC with touch screen for implementation and presentation of operational data.
Power supply for mains input to converters, interface module and panel PC.

Example of screen view
Example of screen view