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Technical data sheet
Magnesium anodes, high grade

Efficient sacrificial anode pre-packaged in backfill for reduced transition resistance.

High grade magnesium anodes – the most powerful galvanic anodes

Magnesium anodes in backfill
Magnesium anodes in backfill

Magnesium alloyed anodes designed for buried applications. The high driving voltage makes the anodes well suited for structures buried in soil with resistivities exceeding 2 000 ohm-cm. The efficiency of the anodes is further enhanced as the anodes are pre-packaged in a specially designed backfill, which lowers the anode-to-soil resistance, and hence make the current flow to the targeted structure easier.


Magnesium high grade anodes are produced to meet American Standard for Testing Materials (ASTM) B843, Alloy M1C, and tested according to ASTM G97.

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