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Varoddbrua Sør, Kristiansand

Delivery of sacrificial anodes to Varoddbrua Sør, a six lane cantilever bridge north of Kristiansand where E18 passes Tofdalsfjorden. The anodes protect the armouring in the immersed part of the foundations.

Owner: The Norwegian Public Roads Administration
Built by: PNC Norge AS
Delivery date: 2018

Cathwell is proud supplier of:

  • Type approved aluminium alloy sacrificial anodes
  • Reference electrodes
  • Customized brackets
Varoddbrua - pier foundation with SACP
Varoddbrua – pier foundation with SACP

The anodes are installed in concrete foundations on the sea bottom, well connected to the armouring.
Permanant reference electrodes are installed inside and outside the immersed pier foundations, and terminated to a connection box localled in dry compartment. This makes the owner able to measure the potential at any time with a multimeter.

Varoddbrua anode interface
Varoddbrua anode interface

The sacrificial anodes are 1.5 m long and weight is 80 kg each.