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Tangen kaipromenade

Cathodic protection of Tangen kaipromenade, a 450 m long jetty and recreation area in Kristiansand, where the river Otra runs out to Skagerak sea.

Tangen kaipromenade
Tangen kaipromenade

Owner: Kristiansand ingeniørvesen.
Design: Sweco AS
Built by: TT Anlegg AS
Ship delivery date: 2016


Cathwell is proud supplier of: Cathodic protection design and sacrificial anodes.

The sacrificial anodes are 2.8 m long and weight is 130 kg each. 125 anodes were installed by divers in September 2016.

Tangen kaipromenade SACP installation 2016
Tangen kaipromenade sacrificial anodes installation in 2016