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REV Ocean

Delivery of cathodic protection- and antifouling systems for NB 884 to Vard Brattvaag AS. REV Ocean will be a battery powered ice class vessel equipped with advanced technology for plastic pollution control and research.

REV Ocean is a Research and Expedition vessel, and also a super yacht designed by Espen Øino and H2 together with Vard. At 183 metres length, REV Ocean is the largest motor yacht in the world.

The ship will be equipped for conducting researching covering the entire marine ecosystem. REV Ocean applies the Polar Code adopted for ships operating in Arctic and Antarctic waters and can operate autonomously for 114 days.

REV Ocean illustration
REV Ocean illustration

Shipowner: Rosellinis Four-10.
Design: VARD 6 16
Built by: Vard Brattvaag
Ship delivery date: 2020

Cathwell is proud supplier of:

  • Sacrificial anodes
  • Impressed current cathodic protection system, ICCP
  • Antifouling system, MGPS/ICAF

The ICCP anodes are with polar class design.

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