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Ormen Lange, Langeled and Polarled, Nyhamna

Delivery of engineering, cathodic protection and technical service to Ormen Lange landfall, pipelines transporting natural gas to the processing plant at Nyhamna, Aukra.

The natural gas produced from Ormen Lange is processed at the onshore facility Nyhamna, 120 kilometres from the field.

Langeled is the world’s second longest subsea export pipeline running across the North Sea from Nyhamna to the Easington Gas Terminal on the UK’s East coast.

Ormen Lange Landfall ICCP cables
Ormen Lange Landfall ICCP cables

The pipe has an inner diameter of 1.06 m and supplies Great Britain with enough natural gas to cover 20% of its total annual needs.

Ormen Lange Landfall pipes
Ormen Lange Landfall pipes

Cathwell is proud supplier of:

  • Engineering
  • Sacrificial anodes
  • Impressed current cathodic protection system, ICCP
  • Antifouling system, MGPS/ICAF

Owner: Petoro, Shell, Equinor, ExxonMobil, Ineos
Designer: Aker Solutions
Built by: Aker Kværner Stord
Delivery: 2005 – recent

Ormen Lange Landfall captured 2005
Ormen Lange Landfall Construction periode 2005

After Langeled Cathwell also delivered cathodic protection to the Polarled landfall. Polarled is the gas pipe line connecting Nyhamna with the Aasta Hansteen Field.

Ormen Lange Landfall polymer anode
Ormen Lange Landfall polymer anode