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Jangkrik FPU – fairleads protection

Delivery of sacrificial anodes for protection of fairleads and guiderollers. The Jangkrik FPU is moored in the Makassar Strait, offshore Borneo of Indonesia.

The Jangkrik FPU is anchored with chains through several fairleads.

Typical installation of fairleads and guide rollers directing the mooring chain.

Both the faileads and the guide rollers are protected with sacrificial anodes.

Jangkrik guideroller with anodes
Illustration of Jangkrik fairlead guideroller with sacrificial anodes colored yellow.

Owner: Eni / Saipem
Designer: MacGregor Pusnes AS
Built by: Hyundai heavy industries Co. LTD
Delivery date: 2014

Cathwell is proud supplier of cathodic protection design and sacrificial anodes.