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Hydrogen fuelled passenger ferry to Norled

Delivery of cathodic protection for NB 37 to Westcon Yards, the world’s first hydrogen ferry. Ship owner Norled and Westcon Yards reached an agreement for the construction of two new environmentally friendly ferries.

One ferry, NB 37 will run on hydrogen fuel while the other, NB 38 will be a battery-powered ferry, quite similar to MF Ampere.
With a capacity of 299 passengers and 80 cars, the new ferries will operate on the Hjelmeland-Skipavik-Nesvik route in Ryfylket from early 2021.

Norled LMG 80-DEH2
Norled LMG 80-DEH2

Cathwell is proud supplier of Impressed current cathodic protection system, ICCP to both ferries.

Shipowner: Norled
Design: LMG Marin, LMG 80-DEH2
Built by: Westcon Yards, Ølensvåg
Ship delivery date: March and May 2021

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