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Coral Adventurer and Coral Geographer

Delivery of cathodic protection- and antifouling systems for NB 886 and NB 918 to Vard Vung Tau in Vietnam. Coral Adventurer and Coral Geographer have been tailored to meet growing demand for Coral Expeditions’ expedition product in the Australian cruise market.

The two expedition cruise ships are featuring accommodation across four decks allow its 120 passengers to get closer to exotic regional locations such as Indonesian archipelago, Papua New Guinea, and the Kimberley coast.

Coral Adventurer and Xplorer
Coral Adventurer and Xplorer

Cathwell is proud supplier of:

  • Sacrificial anodes
  • Impressed current cathodic protection system, ICCP
  • Antifouling system, MGPS/ICAF

Shipowner: Coral Expeditions, Australia.
Design: Vard 6 01
Built by: Vard Vung Tau, Vietnam
Ship delivery date: April 2019 and autumn 2020

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