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Cathodic protection of Akershusutstikkeren, the jetty and home port of Christian Radich.

Delivery of sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection of the sheet piles at Akershusutstikkeren.

Akershusutstikkeren is also prepared for hosting a charging station for electrical Powered vessels.

Akershusutstikkeren Christian Radich
Akershusutstikkeren and Christian Radich

Owner: Oslo Havnevesen
Design: Multiconsult
Built by: NRC AS
Delivery date: 2019

Cathwell is proud supplier of: Cathodic protection design and sacrificial anodes.

The sacrificial anodes are 2.5 m long and weight is 125 kg each. 125 anodes are planned to be installed by divers in December 2019.

Akershusutstikkeren spunt
Akershusutstikkeren sheet piles – Construction period April 2019