Product number: 102000

PowerSense P3200

PowerSense® P3200 is the power output module of the CathSense® ICCP control panel. The module capacity is 3200 W, maximum 30 V and 120 A. Several P3200 modules can interconnected to extend the total current output capacity. The P3200 is controlled by the Controller C100.

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Output effect 3200 W, 120 A at 26 V or 100 A at 32 V. Efficiency >89 %. Input: 3 phase 400-440 VAC. Nominal current 5.2 A at 400 VAC. Inrush current 40 A. Ambient temperature up to 50°C.


Computerised operation. Ethernet RJ45 (HTTP/JSON, modbus TCP/IP), RS485 modbus RTU.


  • Ships
  • Floating offshore units
  • Harbours
  • Wind turbines