Product number: 102002

PowerFlow P150

PowerFlow® P150 is the power output module of the CathFlow® ICAF/MGPS control panel. The module has 2 output channels with a capacity of 75 W each, 3 A at 25 V. The module may also operate with 1 channel with a capacity of 150 W, 6 A at 25 V. Several P150 modules can interconnected to extend the total current output capacity. The P150 is controlled by the Controller C100.

Normally 2-3 weeks

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Output effect: 150 W, 2 x 3 A or 1 x 6 A at 25 V, 2 x 1.5 A or 1 x 3 A at 50 V. Input: 1 phase 230 VAC , nominal current 0.7 A. Ambient temperatur up to 50°C. LED indication of operation mode.


Computerised operation. Ethernet RJ45 (HTTP/JSON, modbus TCP/IP), RS485 modbus RTU.


  • Ships
  • Floating offshore units
  • Pipelines
  • Storage tanks
  • Foundations
  • Sea cables