Product number: 111315

ICCP reference cell Ø68 Zn w/cofferdam, RSH longlife

RSH reference cell complete with steel cofferdam, designed for recessed installation on ship’s hull. +/- 30 mV accuracy. Internal bolting and water proof incapsulation. Diver changable. Prepared for installation in void space and water tanks. Diver changable. Comes complete with mounting accessories.

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Cofferdam steel quality equivalent to S355J2. Designed for ice class application and installation in both void space and water tanks. Cofferdam outer diameter: 130 mm (requires 134 mm shell plate hole). Zinc based reference cell surface with +/- 30 mV measurement accuracy. Application in salt water or saline water conditions. 10 years nominal lifespan. Cell dimension: 68 mm diameter and 18 mm thick. 1 x internal fastening bolt. Diver changable. Water proof neoprene incapsulation. Molded backside with embossed sealing rings. Total weight: 11 kg.


  • Floating offshore units
  • Wind turbines