Product number: 100222

ICCP disc anode Ø218 MMO/Ti, ADS-1

Disc anode with internal bolting for recessed installation in ship’s hull. Designed for ice class application. Diver changable. Comes complete with replacement accessories. 50 to 75 A nominal current output capacity. Diameter 218 mm.

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Anode surface of mixed metal oxide (MMO) applied on pure titanium (Ti) base. 50 to 75 A nominal current output capacity. More than 20 years lifespan based on nominal current load. Dimension: 218 mm diameter and 18 mm thick. Weight: 1.9 kg. 3 x internal fastening bolts. Diver changable. Water proof neoprene incapsulation. Molded backside with embossed sealing rings.


Can be supplied complete with cofferdam (cofferdams applicable only for newbuildings or retrofit installations).


  • Ships
  • Floating offshore units
  • Wind turbines