Product number: 100878

Gasket for MGPS/ICAF flange cofferdam

Gasket for MGPS/ICAF flange cofferdam. Circular shape with 8 x 22 mm holes. The gasket is made of compressed sheets of glass fibres, aramid fibres, inorganic fillers and NBR binder.

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Dimensions: outer diameter 285 mm, inner diameter 180 mm, thickness 1.5 mm c-c 240 mm. 8 x 22 mm diameter holes. The gasket combines thermal and chemical resistance with good mechanical properties, especially bolt torque retention. Composition: Glass fibres, aramid fibres, inorganic fillers, NBR binder. Sertificates: DIN-DVGW DIN 3535-6, DIN 30653, ISO 10497 (fire safe test), BS 7531 grade X.


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