Product number: 110009

Controller C100 mk II (ethernet)

Controller C100 is a smart and user-friendly operator interface for the CathSense® ICCP and the CathFlow® ICAF/MGPS control panels. This microprocessor controlled module includes multiple operation possibilities and flexibility. The module operate together with the PowerSense® and PowerFlow® modules.

Normally 2 weeks

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Display showing operational data and information. 8 lines high resolution display and 5 pushbuttons for navigating the menu. Ethernet connection for remote control. USB slot for updates and log export.


Computerised operation. Ethernet RJ45 (HTTP/JSON, modbus TCP/IP), RS485 modbus RTU.


  • Ships
  • Floating offshore units
  • Harbours
  • Pipelines
  • Storage tanks
  • Foundations
  • Sea cables
  • Wind turbines