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Reliable system follow-up

Handling frame agreements by system data and activity management. The key is defining relevant activities ahead of time, as well as assigning start-dates, due-dates and resources in a well-structured environment.

Upon signing a frame agreement, the process of gathering data (system information and planned service intervals etc.) for the vessels or structures ICCP systems and MGPS/ICAF antifouling systems in the agreement, is initiated. The data is stored in a manner which allows for easy access on demand.

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Once sufficient data is gathered, the activities are set up in a designated planner tool and activity start-dates, activity due-dates and activity resources are allocated. Up-coming material needs and related actions (corrective, preventive or maintenance) are addressed in time.

We enjoy the visual aspects of planning and joke about the parallels to the game of Tetris

Allocated and non-allocated activities in a timeline.

The process of handling the agreement is not reliant on individuals and is considered to be dynamic and flexible. We enjoy the visual aspects of planning and sometimes joke about the parallels to a game of Tetris. This approach makes for a perfect way of involving all parties, not only the project manager and management in general.

A “frame agreement ship” or “frame agreement structure” shall experience technical and material follow up and support throughout the agreement period.

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