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Polar Pevek ice breaking

CathSense® ICCP in rough conditions

Polar Pevek is an icebreaker operating in rough conditions outside Sakhalin island in the Okhotsk and Bering sea. The vessel is equipped with CathSense® ICCP hull protection and CathFlow®antifouling system.

The effects of breaking ice can be extremely destructive to the hull coating system and the ICCP anodes and reference cells. Ice abrasion may result in severe coating breakdown, hence, the ICCP system is designed with increased capacity to allow for up to 35 % coating damage.

The ICCP recessed anodes and the reference cells are designed for extreme strain to withstand mechnical exposure from ice exposure.

The CathSense® ICCP system has proven to be strong and durable without any need for material renewal after 13 years in operation.

Polar Pevek, ice breaker, cathodic protection by Cathwell
POLAR PEVEK (IMO 931997) is built in 2006 by VARD LANGSTEN – TOMREFJORD, NORWAY. The vessel is currently sailing under the flag of Russian Federation. Poto; T. Alekseeva, www.marinetraffic.com


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