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Inspection of ICCP for building foundations

To make sure building steel foundations do not suffer from corrosion, cathodic protection systems must be frequently surveyed.


Installation of ICCP system is not complete without a system follow-up plan.

Cathodic protection surveys includes visual inspection, functional testing, reference potential and anode current measurements. Generally, yearly inspections are recommended to verify:

  • Condition of the ICCP system
  • Whether or not the ICCP system provides sufficient protection to the steel foundations
  • That all anodes are functioning and distributing current
  • The functioning of the installed reference cells

The output effect from the ICCP system should be adjusted/tuned based on measurement results and professional considerations in order to maintain adequate cathodic protection level. You may also want to read about the CathFlow® ICCP system for building foundations.

Recommendations for any improvements or upgrading should be based on the survey results.

Remote control and monitoring

The control of the cathodic protection system can be further increased by establishing a remote monitoring and control system. MasterCath® remote access software is a flexible system, which can be adapted to different types of cathodic protection systems.

Operational data and alarm status can be transferred to a remote computer. Trending curves and historical data will be available and can be used for preparation of on-site service activities. Optimum cathodic protection operation can be maintained, regulated through an agreement with experts.


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