About us

Cathwell provides personalised service customised to individual needs and requirements.

Business concept

Design, manufacture and supply of systems for cathodic protection and water treatment.


Cathwell AS, previously known as Active Cathodic Protection, was founded in 2003. In 2011 the company went through a revitalisation process changing its name to Cathwell AS.

Cathwell AS acquired a cathodic protection segment from the paint company Jotun in 2003, when Jotun decided to phase out this business. Personnel in Cathwell AS are mainly from former Jotun Cathodic Protection.


Cathwell covers a wide range of applications including vessels, subsea structures, mobile rigs & FPSO’s, wind turbines and various onshore structures.

International Network

Cathwell's main office is in Norway. The sales and service agents are represented in:

  • Norway: Head office
  • Denmark: Sales agent
  • Greece: Sales agent
  • Poland: Service agent
  • France: Sales agent
  • China, Hong Kong: Sales agent
  • China, Shanghai: Sales & service agent
  • Singapore: Sales & service agent