Design parameters for electrolytic antifouling systems

Each antifouling system is custom designed for its application.

Conventional sea chests

In order to design and work out a proposal for an electrolytic antifouling system for conventional sea chests we would request the following information:

  • Water flow rate (m3/h).
  • Material quality in seawater pipes.
  • Design lifetime of anodes (period between regular dry dockings).
  • Sea chest arrangement drawings.

Box coolers

Information requested for design and proposal of electrolytic antifouling for box coolers:

  • Box cooler specification sheet with drawings (alternatively box cooler type, cooling surface and box cooler dimensions).
  • Design lifetime of anodes (period beween regular dry dockings).
  • Sea chest arrangement drawing.

If all the above details are yet not available we can of course assume and adjust as we go along.