There are several ways to prevent corrosion on ships. Basically we need to stop the electro chemical reaction, and this is most commonly done by:
Sacrificial anodes
Impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP)

By impressing DC current to anodes on the ship hull current passes through the surrounding sea water to protect the hull.


Current from the DC power source (control unit) is flowing from the anodes, through the seawater to the hull providing corrosion protection. The level of protection is controlled by a certain value of potential measured by the reference electrodes.

The systems is automatically adjusted for performance at various conditions.

Advantages of ICCP vs sacrificial anodes

  • Fuel cost saving achieved by a smooth hull surface (no drag as by sacrificial anodes)
  • Longer operational life time than sacrificial anodes (no need for replacement every dry-docking)
  • Unlimited protection capacity (accepts higher coating breakdown than sacrificial anodes)
  • Continuously monitoring and automatic adjustment of the protection level

System components

  • Control unit: Power supply providing protective DC current to the anodes and automatically regulates the level of protection.
  • Permanent anodes. Hull mounted anodes through which DC current flows out in the seawater and into the hull.
  • Anode shield: A high-solid epoxy coating applied to the hull around each anode ensuring distribution of protective current.
  • Reference electrodes: Hull mounted electrodes that continually monitor the level of protection (potential) of the hull.
  • Shaft groundig: Silver slip ring system ensuring connection between shaft and hull preventing spark corrosion in bearings and gear boxes.
  • Bonding of rudder: Interconnecton between rudder stock and hull preventing spark corrosion. Rudder bonding also includes rudder in the cathodic protection system.

More details on cathodic protection

The simplest method to apply cathodic protection is by connecting the metal to be protected with another more easily corroded metal.
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Need service?

Service and spares can be provided irrespective of original brand.
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