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Systems supported by Cathwell:

Spares and durability

  • ICCP anodes and reference electrodes: Generally last more than 10 years. Should be inspected for damage and consumption in dry-dock, and replaced if required.
  • Electrolytic antifouling anodes: Copper and iron/aluminium anodes are generally replaced every regular dry-docking. Anode channels should be tested and tuned during dry-docking.
  • Sacrificial anodes on external hull: Anodes are normally replaced every regular dry-docking. Anodes less than 40 % consumed can generally be kept.
  • Sacrificial anodes in ballast tanks: Normally designed for 5-10 years operation.
  • Shaft grounding: Silver brushes, brush holders and silver slip ring/band should be inspected for wear out failure, and replaced if required.

 Call on us if you experience system failure or request assistance at at sea or at yard.

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Spares and consumables available, irrespective of original brands.

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Planning to dry-dock?

We deliver cathodic protection, electrolytic antifouling system spares, undertake planning and organise work to be done during dry-docking.