Cathwell ICCP systems are designed for a wide range of vessels from fishing boats and ferries to ocean going vessels and product tankers.

System supply

We are currently the market leader for supply of ICCP systems to the newbuilding market in Scandinavia, and are also extensively supplying to newbuilding yards in Asia.

Our ICCP systems are fully intergrated enabling vessels to be built anywhere in the world.

Design & specification

We provide engineering design and analysis solutions of ICCP system for the shipbuilding industry world wide.

ICCP systems are designed for the specific ships. Ferries, fishing boats, anchor handling tugs and offshore supply vessels are generally equipped with one ICCP system. According to Germanischer Lloyd rules & guidelines vessels with length (LPP) of more than 175 m shall be equipped with a second ICCP systems in the bow area.

Diver replacable system

Opposed to most systems Cathwell disc anodes and reference electrodes can be replaced while vessel is floating, by use of divers.

Need system design?

Cathodic protection and antifouling design and calculation can be discussed or undertaken at request.
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